Lazee Daizee Viking Knit Wire Weaving Tool Kit

Lazee Daizee Viking Knit Wire Weaving Tool Kit

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The Lazee Daizee Viking Knit All-in-One Tool Kit makes learning the centuries-old woven technique easier than ever! No more start-up prep, dowels or vises - just hold the tool in your hand and start weaving. Adding new wire is easy with the pre-drilled anchor hole while the hexagon-shaped rod limits the need for needle tools that may damage or scratch coated wires. Make your own wire-wrapped end caps with the End Coil Shaper. This kit includes 1 hex 1/4 rod tool, easy-start head attachment, light weight and durable thermoplastic draw plate, conditioning fabric, end coil shaper, pin tool, #20 and #26 gauge practice wires, and color step-by-step photos and instructions.


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